About Us

Green Vita pride themselves on offering an affordable fruit and vegetable box delivery service, with a strong focus on sustainability. Green Vita was born out of an understanding of the sheer nutritional importance of fresh fruit and vegetables, and we want to help make this fresh produce available to the families from all walks of life.

The Green Vita Story

Green Vita might be a business, and we might have bills to pay, but our focus is on more than just profit. We want to give something back to society. We have always whole-heartedly supported our local food producers and tried to do everything within our power to make nutritious, sustainable fruit and vegetables available to consumers at a great price.

Green Vita is a family-run start up, run by two young adults born and raised in the countryside. We thrive on offering a service that is a little bit special and full of benefits for both our local farmers, and, of course, our customers too.

Living in the countryside gave us a deep understanding on the stress that local farmers can go through trying to sell their produce, and we have always wanted to do everything that we can to help them out.

We understand that time, convenience, and price can sometimes prevent families from eating as many portions of fresh fruit and veg as they would like. That’s why we founded Green Vita! We built our service to help make buying fresh, organic fruit and veg easier, more convenient, and more affordable.

Our Vision and Mission

Ever since Green Vita was just an idea, we’ve always known that we would do everything possible to support our local farmers. Every fruit and vegetable box we pack and send will use only the best possible produce from our local farmers, even if sometimes it doesn’t look exactly like the picture-perfect and expensive produce you see in the supermarkets.

Every variety of fruit and veg that finds its way into a Green Vita box is organic and fresh. We rescue the wonky, surplus produce that might otherwise go to waste, because nutritional value is so much more important than aesthetics. All our fruit and veg is available at a great price, and with free delivery too.

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