How to start cutting the Food Waste

How to start cutting the Food Waste

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It’s a shocking fact that nearly 1.5 billions of food go to waste every year. These food items end up in the bin when they are delicious, fresh food that will help a family stay happy and healthy. It’s a statistic that should not be occurring in this day and age.

This food waste means families aren’t getting fed with delicious produce. Also, this thrown away food leads to an increase in waste which is not good for our planet. We should be looking for ways to become more eco-friendly especially when it comes to food intake. Therefore, something needs to change when it comes to food items that are deemed ‘not sellable’ by the supermarkets.

This is why here at GreenVita we are hoping to ensure no food produce goes to waste. We have created an eco-friendly product that gives those unwanted food items a second chance. Our fruit and veg boxes are designed to stop food waste from occurring. This is particularly true it comes to fruit and vegetables that might be rejected from the supermarkets.

How supermarkets are contributing to waste

You might be surprised to know that 43% of vegetables end up not being used in supermarkets. They will not stock them due to their appearance.

A lot of the major shops have ‘aesthetic requirements’ when it comes to the fruit and vegetables they stock in their stores. Because of this, a lot of fruit or vegetables that are not the right size or have markings end up being rejected by the supermarket.

They refuse to sell the items despite how they might taste. A lot of farmers then struggle to sell these fruit and vegetables to the supermarket. Although they might not look as good, they still taste just as fresh and delicious.

When they can’t sell these items, a lot of the produce ends up as food waste. This not only causes waste but also leaves a lot of farmers out of pocket. They are reliant on supermarkets buying stock from them. So if the fresh vegetables don’t lead to an order, it can leave farmers struggling during the months ahead.

How GreenVita are helping to cut waste

Therefore, we are aiming with our boxes to provide a good way of getting those fruit and vegetables to your dinner plates. With our fruit and vegetable boxes, we use a variety of items that might not look as appealing but still taste just as good and are fresh from the field. We are ensuring that these fruit and veg do not end up as food waste. They are placed in our boxes and then sold to the general public.

We are aiming to ensure our customers follow a healthy lifestyle with our range of fruit and vegetables and we are also helping out farmers across the country who might not be able to sell their produce.

We particularly enjoy working with local farmers who might struggle to get their fruit and vegetables into the store. This leads to a lot of waste as well as money trouble. The recent COVID pandemic has caused a lack of sales for farmers who normally sell their products to restaurants and cafes. Therefore, our boxes give farmers a great way to ensure their products are sold and eaten by customers.

So how does GreenVita work to stop food waste?

We scour the country for local farmers who are struggling to shift their delicious, fresh fruit and vegetables. We then go to visit the farmers across the country and collect all the fruit and vegetables that are unwanted. These normally will end up as food waste as they are unable to be sold to restaurants or the supermarkets in the area.

By doing this, we ensure that these farmers can earn money and reduce their waste too. Once we have collected the stock, we can create three sized boxes of fruit, vegetables and a mixed box.

With both traditional and seasonal choices, our boxes have a whole range of healthy produce which families love. While the fruit and vegetables in the box might not look like normal fruit and veg from the supermarket, they are fresh from the farm. Our customers then set up a weekly or every other week delivery to their house, free of charge.

They then get to consume a whole range of fruit and vegetables at home to ensure they are leading a healthy lifestyle. They can enjoy their five a day with unique produce that will normally end up as food waste.

Why buy from GreenVita?

To summarise, here are a few reasons why you should buy from us and not from your supermarket when you want to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables. Firstly, when you opt to order one of our fruit and vegetable boxes, you are helping a local farmer. Instead of putting the money in the pockets of the supermarket owners, you are ensuring a farmer is making a living every time you buy their delicious produce.

Secondly, you are contributing to cutting down food waste when you buy from us here at GreenVita. Without your purchase, the fruit and vegetables would be wasted as no one would eat them. Therefore, you are doing your bit for the environment by choosing one of our boxes.

It’s also a good idea to buy from us as our boxes include fresh, spray-free produce. They will taste the same or much more delicious than the products from the store. You can tuck into the fruit or vegetables whilst knowing they have come from a local farmer. You can safely know your family are enjoying the freshest, healthiest produce.

Also, by choosing to order one of our fruit and vegetable boxes, you can have delicious food straight to your door. No need to leave for the shops when you can have healthy fruit and vegetables direct to your home. It’s so easy and straightforward to set up a delivery.

Sign up today to enjoy a fresh and healthy box of fruit and vegetables on a weekly basis.

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