3 Ways to help local farmers during Covid 19

ways to help local farmers

Covid-19 has been a rough ride, and no group has been hit harder than our local UK farmers.

With falling food prices and loss of income due to closing food establishments, they need our support more than ever.

Unfortunately, British supermarkets aren’t helping…

At Green Vita, we’re intensely proud of British farms. 

An industry employing over 4 million people that works tirelessly to provide us with delicious, homegrown and organic food.

If only the supermarkets agreed.

You see, supermarkets import 80% of their food.  This isn’t only a disaster for the environment and our local farmers, it’s also bad for our health: with food travelling for up to 2 months the taste and quality isn’t always up to scratch.

On top of this, they’re fuelling the UK’s wastage crisis. 1.7 million tonnes of ‘wonky’ but otherwise perfect veg are rejected and discarded every year for not meeting the standards of supermarkets.  That’s lost revenue for farmers.

3 ways we can help local farmers, whilst helping ourselves!

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

For starters, buying British, and direct from the source, is the only way to go.

By doing this, we can: avoid pesticides, chemicals, and GMOs, cut our carbon footprint, and lower our cost of fruit and veg.  

Let’s dive right in with 3 ways to help farmers, and help ourselves.

1. Shop local and sustainable

As mentioned, UK supermarkets are full of imported fruits and vegetables . Often, we know little about the people who grew them or the pesticides used in the process, since regulations aren’t as strict outside of the EU.

Furthermore, supermarket practices guarantee you won’t always get fresh produce.  Did you know the average supermarket apple is 1 year old?  They’re treated with chemicals, and then sit in warehouses before reaching shelves.  An eye-opening thought.

Buying locally, direct from UK farmers, can plug both these gaps.  

It’s the only way to guarantee fresh, high quality, and pesticide-free local fruit and veg, whilst supporting local UK farmers.

2. Minimize food wastage

Food wastage is a colossal problem for our society, particularly fresh produce.  It costs the average UK household £400 per year.

People throw out food because it’s getting old, they don’t know how to cook with it or they simply didn’t have the time to cook it.

Avoid wasting by purchasing exactly what you need, or by using food-sharing platforms like Olio to give excess food to others.

If you’re keen to hear more, our article “How to Lower Your Carbon Footprint Through Food” explores this deeper.

Subscribe to Local Fruit and Veg Delivery services such as GreenVita

We grew up in the countryside. We want to help local farmers thrive. However, we also want to help you thrive!

We buy imperfect but delicious produce that supermarkets won’t buy. We then deliver this straight to your doorstep, meaning a box of Green Vita fruit will help you: 

  • Save money (around £5.17 on average) on your weekly fruit and veg shop, as we cut out the middleman
  • Fit fresh food shopping into your busy life by delivering to your door
  • Be flexible: you can choose between Fruit and Veg, just fruit, or just veg, at different sizes and varieties
  • Integrate this delivery into your schedule seamlessly
  • Reduce needless food wastage and support local UK farmers

Bellow you can find more details about our fruit and vegetables delivery services.

  • Delivery area: Liverpool, Warrington & Wigan
  • Delivery date: Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Delivery cost: Free
  • Delivery frequency: highly flexible (Weekly, Every other week, One time purchase)
  • Plastic-free: Yes

Check out our boxes today… They’re good for you, the planet, and our farmers!

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